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Combination Trading and Staking

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MaticFund brings you the possibility of smart automatic crypto investing. MaticFunds advanced bot technology is looking for profitable business opportunities in the crypto world. Once the bot finds a profitable opportunity make a trade very quickly to achieve the greatest profits.

All you have to do is insert the Matic cryptocurrency in deposit and let the bot do everything else you can increase or withdraw the deposit. You can withdraw or reinvest your daily profit of 1.61% as another deposit and thus increase your daily profit.

Our bot work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and constantly increase your earnings and you can relax, travel, take care of your family or your hobbies.



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How To Start


Create a Wallet

Install MetaMask or another wallet in our connect offer. Then add Polygon Chain to your wallet.



Buy Matic on the stock exchange and send Matic to your wallet. Always buy and ship on the Polygon network.


Connect Wallet

Keep your wallet switched in Polygon Chain. At the top of the site click on "Connect" and connect your wallet. After connecting, you will see your wallet number instead of "Connect".


Make A Deposit

At the top of the site click on "Dashboard". In the "Enter MATIC" field, enter the amount of MATIC you want to invest. Then click on the "Deposit" button and finish the deposit in your wallet.


Now Earn 1.61% Daily

After a successful deposit, your profit will start to accrue immediately and grow every minute. You can withdraw your profit at any time by clicking on the "Withdeaw Profit" button then it will appear in your wallet.


How to start earning 1.61% per day?

It's easy. Follow the steps in the "How To Start" section above.

Can I withdraw my deposit?


After you make a deposit, it is locked for 56 days for the bot to work with and trade. Otherwise, it would not be possible to generate profit.You can then withdraw the deposit when -2 days appear in the Dashboard section in "Capital Release". After that, just click the "Withdraw capital" button at any time and the deposit will be returned to your wallet.


If you withdraw your capital, MaticFund will stop generating Profit for you. You can leave the deposit invested, even if there are minus days in "Capital release". As long as the capital is invested, our bot will still generate a daily profit of 1.61%.

Are there any fees at MaticFund?


There is only one fee which is 6.4% of the invested amount. The fee will be automatically deducted upon deposit. You will not pay any other fees.

The development of MaticFund costs money and effort. Therefore, this fee is needed to make the project sustainable.

How often can I withdraw a profit?

You can withdwar your profits whenever you want, even several times a day. It just depends on you and your strategy.

How many deposits can I make?

You can make an unlimited number of deposits.

Tip: To increase profits, it is good to make daily profit withdrawals and re-deposit them as a Deposit. This will create a compound interest rate that increases daily profits many times over.

Calculate the difference on our calculator.

Can I increase my daily profit?


There are two ways.

1. Just make more deposit.

2. Or make daily profit withdrawals and re-deposit them as a Deposit. This will create a compound interest rate that increases daily profits many times over.

Calculate the difference on our calculator.

Can I use MaticFund on my mobile?


Just use any browser and wallet that supports Polygon Chain on your phone.

Then just go to our website and follow the instructions in the "How to Get Started" section.

Is MaticFund sustainable?

The crypto market is huge and there are constantly profit opportunities. Our bot seeks out such possibilities and immediately realizes them.

We also have measures against whales as it is not possible to withdraw a deposit immediately after depositing. MaticFund is also constantly supported by the community and our team.

Problem with deposit?

Verify that your wallet is switched to Polygon Chain.

Make sure you have enough MATIC balance in your wallet.

If you have all of the above, increase your gas charges, the Polygon network may be busy.

Problem with Connect Wallet?

Check that your wallet is switched to Polygon chain.

Reload the site using ctrl + F5 in Windows / Cmd + Shift + R in Mac

If that doesn't help, make sure you use the wallet that is in our offer to connect. If your wallet is not there, install Metamask or another wallet listed in connect.